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A New Collective Agreement at AGF Steel

Management at AGF Steel is happy to announce the signing of a new collective agreement with the employees of AGF Steel plant, in collaboration with the AGF Steel Workers Union (CSN), as of last July 10. Both parties say they are satisfied with the results of the negotiations and are happy with the conclusion. 

The signing comes after several months of work starting November 2012. The new collective agreement, retroactive to October 16, 2012, will be in effect for the next 7 years.

The main changes concern pay equity and standardization of working conditions with the Armabec plant.

We wish to thank and congratulate all members of the negotiation team for their work, their perseverance and the constructive discussions that led to the conclusion of this agreement. We are very happy about the outcome of this collective agreement. It was entirely re-examined to take into account the realities of our industry and create winning conditions for a quality product and service offering to our customers, while remaining leaders in our area of expertise.