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A prestigious medal

To represent the quest for excellence in engineering, artist Pierre Tessier drew on the symbolism of shapes and materials, and their interaction in creating this medal.

The medal comprises three geometric shapes. The square, in patinated bronze, represents the structure, and the other two elements are embedded in it. The satin silver circle takes up the idea of movement and also evokes the traditional medal, with its human figure in relief. This figure highlights the fact that engineering is an endeavour pursued by the individual for the good of humanity. The area inspired by the golden rectangle, in polished 14-karat gold, symbolizes completion, harmony and infinity.

Pierre Tessier was born in Drummondville in 1947 and has practiced sculpture for more than 35 years. He has received many awards and honours for his work. He works in various materials, including clay, bronze and glass. He has also created several public sculptures.