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AGF Group Foundation: up and running!

Comprising several business units across Canada, AGF Group aims to make a lasting mark in the communities where it does business. We are therefore proud to announce the official launch of the AGF Group Foundation, which provides financial support to a large number of charitable causes, both locally and nationally.

AGF Group Foundation officially began its activities in the spring on 2012. Since then, its board has been meeting periodically. Together, its members developed the Foundation’s by-laws, as well as its donation and sponsorship policy. The by-laws include the Foundation’s mission, its preferred sectors and eligibility criteria.

Over the next few weeks, some of the Foundation’s ambassadors will tour Canada to visit each AGF Group division and subsidiary. They will tell you all about the Foundation, from A to Z, as well as answering your questions.
In the meantime, we invite you to visit the Foundation’s new page on the AGF Group website, where you’ll find several informative documents and useful forms.

“AGF Group has been successful, and as a good corporate citizen, we’re pleased to give back to the communities where we have been doing business for many years.”
- Serge Gendron, President, AGF Group Foundation