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AGF in Martinique

STAB (AGF’s subsidiary in Martinique), which specializes in concrete reinforcement, has operated in Martinique for nearly 20 years.

Working with standardized spools of steel wire purchased exclusively on the European market, we produce standard and custom reinforcing steel to meet the needs of our customers, which range from individuals to large construction groups.

Our standard product line includes welded panels, single footings, straight rods and mesh, all certified NF AFCAB*.

To produce our line of mesh, we first weld flat panels with our SCHLATTER PG12, using 6 mm rods and clips, and then bend them with our OSCAM AE33 bending machine.

With this manufacturing technique, we are able to make NF-certified products of excellent quality.

We are currently working on a major real estate project in Lamentin. More specifically, we are providing and installing steel for Hôtel Acajou Vallée, which will have 57 rooms as well as shops. The project is expected to be completed in first quarter 2020.

* AFCAB is an independent organization created in 1990 to issue compliance certificates to companies that produce or install reinforcing steel for concrete or its accessories.

AGF en Martinica

STAB (filial de AGF en Martinica), especialista en acero de refuerzo para hormigón armado, se estableció en Martinica hace casi veinte años.

A partir de bobinas de cables de acero normalizadas y compradas exclusivamente en el mercado europeo realizamos refuerzos estándar y sobre pedido para satisfacer a nuestra clientela, que va desde un simple particular hasta grandes grupos de construcción.

Nuestra gama de productos estándar comprende paneles soldados, cimientos aislados, barras derechas y armaduras metálicas, todos certificados NF AFCAB*.

Para la realización de la gama de armaduras metálicas, primero soldamos los paneles planos en nuestra SCHLATTER PG12 a partir de barras de 6 ml y de varillas que después doblamos con nuestra máquina dobladora OSCAM AE33.

Esta técnica de fabricación nos permite obtener productos certificados NF de una calidad excelente.

*AFCAB es un organismo independiente creado en 1990 para otorgar certificados de conformidad a las empresas que producen o emplean refuerzos para hormigón o sus accesorios.