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Babich International: Introduction of a New Branch

AGF is proud to announce the establishment of a new branch within the group. Indeed, Babich Kuwait was recently created, after Babich International obtained the major reinforcement contract for the Jamal Abdul Nasser project.

Kuwait is one of the oldest Middle Eastern civilisations and it has seen an unfavourable gap widen in its economic development with regard to certain neighbouring emirates, such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and large cities such as Doha. The last two Gulf wars contributed considerably to slowing down development in Kuwait.

Furthermore, after the much mediatized Arab springs and popular protests (about which the media remained rather discreet) in neighbouring countries, the government of Kuwait has launched an investment campaign in major areas such as infrastructures and health, in order to boost development activities within the country.

The Jamal Abdul Nasser project consists in two three-way elevated highways on a distance of 10 km, including three interchanges. The 120,000 tons of required reinforcing steel will be assembled over a period of four years. The installation span by span of precast deck panels is the method used by the main contractor, the Rizzani de Eccher – Obrascon Huarte Lain – Boodai – Trevi joint venture.

That type of project is rather innovative in the Middle East, and Babich can count on several years of experience in similar contracts in Asia to ensure completion of that major undertaking. Even though the project is a difficult one technically, the main challenge remains the mobilization and management of approximately 300 employees expatriate in a new country that has strict regulations.