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Bolstering support for aSa

I would like to introduce myself: my name is Olivier Cinéas.  I was recently promoted to the position of management systems analyst at AGF Group.

I began by working as a member of the IT support team. Even then, I showed an affinity for the aSa and Microstation programs, and an aptitude for problem-solving.

My primary mission now is to oversee the proper, efficient use of integrated resource planning software, the main one being aSa. Just like a mechanic who repairs your car, I apply patches and other updates to “tune” the machine and ensure its optimal performance.

In my new position, I am responsible for a number of different areas, including:

- monitoring, troubleshooting and optimizing the system;
- providing technical support for anything to do with aSa;
- ensuring administrative security: creating accounts, assigning rights in Ex Menu, etc. (note that I don’t handle Best!).
- performing updates;
- assisting with training on aSa modules;
- managing, planning and distributing the maintenance schedule.

I serve as the liaison between those of you who use the aSa modules and the technical resources behind them, whether it’s the servers on which the program runs or the aSa and Microstation personnel.

While the system isn’t perfect, the IT team and I work tirelessly to make sure it’s running at its best.

To help us do so, I am requesting your cooperation. Please send me your comments and suggestions, as well as your training needs or any problems you have encountered while using aSa and Microstation. To do so, please use our help centre program, “SysAid.”

I will soon be offering online training so you can hone your skills and learn more about these programs.

I would like to thank you in advance for your cooperation. We have a ways to go before aSa is performing optimally, but I’m sure we’ll get there with effective, dynamic teamwork.

I will do everything in my power to meet your expectations.

Olivier Cinéas