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Do You Know Someone?

In a context where labour shortage is a reality, you will often hear that question, “Do you know someone?”

There is a variety of external recruiting sources, such as the newspaper, social networks, specialized sites and several others, but none of them is as effective as internal recommendation. That can be easily explained: staff members are better positioned to share information with their network of contacts, talk about the company and testify on their work experience in such a large organization as AGF. Moreover, current employees know what it takes to succeed within the company, and what type of people would be the most appropriate to complement their work team.

Whether at family meetings or social gatherings, or during happy hour, we believe that any moment is appropriate to exchange on the various work opportunities offered within AGF Group. Therefore, we put together a recommendation policy to encourage employees who would wish to recommend qualified candidates to meet our labour needs.

To date, several of our employees were hired following the recommendation of current employees. We want to encourage employees to make even more recommendations. If you know someone, ask your Director for more details on how to proceed.