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IME plant tour a success

This past March 22, IME invited friends, guests and partners to visit its factory and its new automated assembly line and to benefit from an exceptional network of world-known leaders in the field of housing construction.

The Québec company IME, which creates prefabricated housing products, has invested $12 million in its infrastructure and hired 110 new employees to become the largest automated production system in North America. Its objective is to make the most of its expertise, become the industry leader and be ready to respond to the growing demand for projects in Northern Québec and for prefabrication – a construction method that results in shorter timelines and lower costs, while limiting the impact of development on the environment.

With the $12 million it has invested in modernizing the plant and the strengthening of its expertise in the building envelope (insulation), the company becomes one of the most significant automated prefabricated construction systems in North America. During one eight-hour shift, the company can produce 2,000 linear feet of structural insulated panels, or four hotel rooms. And once the plans are finalized, the company can build an entire 1,500 sq. ft. house in less than two days. Whether for kits of pre-cut lumber, structural insulated panels or 3D modules, the company has adapted its offering to produce a large volume of highly energy-efficient buildings, a product ideal for the Far North and exported increasingly elsewhere in the world.

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