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Ironmen, Ironworkers, Get Set!

A sports competition on behalf of the AGF Foundation?

A softball tournament, a friendly game of hockey, or a traditional golf tournament? And why not, an ironworking competition? But what kind of competition? What could it look like? Who could participate? Those are all questions that Sylvain Vaillancourt, General Manager of AGF Steel, was pondering when he presented his ideas to Justin Voisard and myself on a tabletop. That is when ideas began to emerge. The three of us started imagining scenarios: a prefabricated column-assembly competition? And why not a slab-attaching speed race? And let’s not forget blueprint reading! And finally, what about the equivalent in reinforcing steel of those very popular lumberjack competitions broadcasted on specialized networks? A competition is always fun. And if could helped us to raise money for the Foundation? And what if it would become a rallying event that would contribute to an even greater sense of belonging within the AGF Group? And that is how the idea, however bizarre it may seem, was born.

So here we go! The first AGF Ironman Ironworker competition will start on Saturday, next August 16, in Longueuil. All metalworkers, plant employees, office personnel and their families are invited. Everyone can participate. Everyone can contribute. The format of the competition has not been finalized yet, nor the conditions for creating the teams, nor the agenda of the day. However, an organizing committee is working on all this. Not to worry, the event will be a success, whether small, medium or great. Only the future will tell. On the other hand, an idea was born. Just as the Foundation started with an idea, and as we are compelled to note, an idea is gaining ground.

The organizing committee (Sophie Bouchard, Martin Logan, Benoît Messier, Éric St-Amant and Justin Voisard)