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Kickoff of Muskrat Falls Project

AGF Group continues to make strides by being awarded major projects all over Canada. Indeed, after executing substantial contracts such as the completion of Highway A30 or the Hebron oil rig, AGF Steel NL obtained last December a contract from Astaldi Canada, for the construction of a dam in Muskrat Falls, Labrador. The construction will take place on the Churchill River near Goose Bay, allowing the production of over 800 Megawatts of hydro-electric power, a major energy input for a province such as Newfoundland.

The project includes the construction of a dam, with a water intake structure, a power plant, and a spillway. It is a major project that will require 26,000 metric tons of reinforcing steel, and take place over 2 to 3 years.

At the moment, our project team is setting up, and the first tons were recently delivered. Claude Chabot is at the helm of the jobsite and manages the construction, assisted by Pierre Boucher, who oversees the technical aspects. Jean-Guy Loubert is Chief Detailer, and assumes responsibility for onsite coordination of the blueprints. Let us note as well the contribution of Maxime Gendron, who acquired much experience on the A30, as Assistant Project Manager.

The remote location, hiring of local labour, prevention requirements, complexity of blueprints, and anticipated peak periods are all challenges that will require the support of every service in the group, especially health and safety and human resources. Thanks to everyone for the help already provided!