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Michel Gélie: worth his weight in gold

  • G. GI, Journalist

Suggested by André O. Morin
Vice-chair of the board, AGF Group

There were several months of highly secret preparations at Armatures des Antilles to organize a reception for the presentation of silver, vermeil and grand gold medals to Michel Gélie. Currently a crane coordinator who has worked for the company since July 1, 1991, Gélie already had 12 years of professional activity before he was hired by Armatures des Antilles. Almost all of his co-workers gathered in the company’s reception hall for the presentation of the medals and certificate. Speaking on behalf of everyone, his manager expressed heartfelt wishes for “a day of happiness in return for his kindness and patience.” For Gélie, these awards honour a life of service to his society and a job performed with skill, accuracy and professional dedication. It was a definitely a milestone day, he said with obvious emotion. As well, Raymond Maingé, an executive with the company, was presented with the silver medal.