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Music to Our Ears!

The  AGF Group Foundation regularly holds activities in AGF Group's 25 business units across Canada. This section features their latest initiatives so you can learn more about the creativity of each of the teams. 

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Music to our ears!

On June 30, our colleagues at AGF - Rebar Inc. in Ontario hosted a very special music event for Girls Inc.

Girls Incorporated encourages girls to believe in themselves and reach their full potential. The organization's mission is to inspire all girls to be strong, intelligent and daring by supporting them in their mobilization efforts, their academic journey and by offering them the opportunity to participate in various inspiring programs.

Thank you all for this wonderful initiative!


El pasado 30 de junio, nuestros colegas de AGF – Rebar Inc., en Ontario, organizaron un evento musical muy especial en beneficio de Girls Incorporated.

Girls Incorporated alienta a las chicas a creer en ellas mismas y a realizar su potencial pleno. El organismo se dió como misión inspirar a todas las chicas a ser fuertes, inteligentes y audaces, apoyándolas en sus esfuerzos de movilización y en su recorrido académico y ofreciéndoles la oportunidad de participar en diversos programas inspiradores.

¡Gracias a todos por esta maravillosa iniciativa!