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New Synergies Between Hydro Mobile, AGF Access, and AGF Steel

For nearly 20 years, Hydro Mobile has been committed to designing and manufacturing mast climbing work platforms and contributing to hazard-free work environments. Its success is a result of providing cutting edge technology, proven product excellence, and personalized customer care to an extensive range of dealers & clients across Canada, USA, and overseas. While working closely with its renowned network remains the primary objective, Hydro Mobile is now focused on developing new markets and specialized applications.

Having joined the Hydro Mobile Business Development Team over a year ago today, Alex Di Domenico has gained extensive knowledge and brought added visibility to our mast climbing work platforms and transport platforms. In this short period of time, he has engaged in a multitude of business opportunities, extending over the next 5-10 years.

As of January 1st, 2014, Alex is now acting as the main Business Development Manager – Special Projects for large-scaled industrial & infrastructure projects across Canada and United States. He is devoting time, skill, and energy to promote both Hydro Mobile’s and AGF Access’ line of standard and engineered product solutions to sectors including: highways & bridges, offshore platforms, nuclear facilities, hydro dams & generating facilities, oil & gas facilities, LNG[1] terminals, and more.

Geared to enhance the synergy within the AGF family, Alex will lead the development of new business opportunities in collaboration with AGF Du-For, Steeplejack Services, and Hydro-West. In pursuit of maximizing market potential, Alex will also be strategizing with AGF Steel divisions across Canada for upcoming major projects.

Given the direction of today’s economy and witnessing a rebirth in global capitalization, Hydro Mobile & AGF Access seek to solidify their position on the North American market, and ultimately participate on major turnkey contracts.

[1] Liquefied Natural Gas