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News about AGF Group’s head office expansion project

AGF Steel was planning to hold its Christmas party in the new KLH building under construction, on December 17. In spite of assorted worries and uncertainties, and jokes about having a “retro skiwear theme” for the party, the annual event did indeed take place as planned in the mythical new building.

There was no door, but there was an amazing dance floor, no permanent lighting but exotic decorations, no drapes on the windows, but what did we have to hide? We love to share our good times! 

Then we packed our boxes before taking off for a well-deserved two-week holiday break!  The move came off without a hitch in the first week of January. True to form, the teams of Benoit Messier (general maintenance) and Sébastien Lamoureux (IT) were professional and efficient. The new year got off to a spectacular start. Indeed, the feeling of seeing this long-imagined project come to fruition is truly amazing, especially after having endured such cramped quarters!

We will now tackle the last phase of the project: renovations to the Armabec building, which will soon be home to the administrative team. It won’t be long before we’re all be back together, and Gilbert won’t have to go back and forth between the offices.

For KLH Element, from a business development perspective, the building of the new head office is the best showroom we could ever hope for. The cross-laminated timber structures are gaining credibility, and we regularly receive requests for tours. In 2012 (after the eagerly anticipated move, of course!): we plan to give some talks on the topic of the legendary construction project.  We definitely haven’t heard the end of AGF!