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Performance Appraisal

Performance appraisal is an essential activity in the development of human resources in any company. It allows taking time off to examine how an employee is evolving in line with the organisation’s environment, context and culture.

On the one hand, the manager recognizes the contribution of the employee and expresses his or her expectations for the upcoming period, in line with corporate orientations. On the other hand, the employee becomes aware of his or her strengths and of the aspects he or she needs to improve, thus committing to actively participate to his or her development.

Performance appraisal therefore greatly influences the employee’s career development, thus impacting on his or her motivation. Even more so, it is a continuous process that mobilises employees towards optimal performance while simultaneously stimulating organisational engagement.

If you wish to inspire a sense of belonging within your company, we invite you to contact a representative from the Human Resources department, who will accompany you adequately in the process of performance appraisal for your staff.