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Rebuilding the Champlain Bridge

After working on rebuilding pier 1E of the Champlain Bridge with Nahtac Construction in 2013-­2014, the AGF Accès branch in Montreal is pleased to have landed the contract to rebuild two new piers for the bridge (2E and 2W) in association with Constructions Concreate Ltd.

This two-year contract consists in installing six Hydro­ Mobile F series units on each of the two piers. The configuration of these units will be changed three times to provide access to the periphery from the base of the piers up to the complete platform above the pier cap. The first six units will be operational in early May, and the six others will go into service in June. The footing for the 12 units will be provided by a specially made L-bracket designed and manufactured by the Quebec City branch.

The success of a project like this depends on contributions by all departments: engineering, sales, yard, mechanical maintenance, manufacturing, transport, installation, administration and finance.

Congratulations to the entire team for obtaining, planning and carrying out this contract.

                  Sketch Champlain Bridge Pillars 2E & 2W