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Water, water everywhere!

No one could imagine what lay ahead on October 3, 2011. Despite efforts by the construction team to ensure that the worksite was watertight, rain got the better of the tarpaulins covering the building under construction for AGF’s new headquarters in Longueuil.  The weather was not overly encouraging either; the cold we had been spared over the fall seeped into the building, which was not yet equipped with electricity and heating.  But, as they say, “The show must go on.”  The teams all rolled up their sleeves and got busy mopping the floors, heating up the space and managing unexpected details to ensure that this reception for AGF Group’s financial partners in Quebec was a success despite less than ideal conditions. This very special visit of the construction site was aimed at presenting the KLH product as well as introducing the AGF management team to the bankers, insurers and partners of the new head office project.

Two zones were tastefully arranged to create a lounge atmosphere for the event: one for the presentations and the other for cocktails. Guided tours of the building were organized for small groups in order to encourage interaction among the various participants. Thanks to the high quality of the presentations given by our managers: the 35 guests were duly impressed by the scope of AGF’s operations in Quebec and further afield. As the weather finally decided to cooperate by mid-day, a very well orchestrated operation was presented to charm the guests and was unanimously appreciated by all those in attendance.


The team that organized the event can proudly declare, “Mission accomplished!”