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Women and Engineers.

On the occasion of our partnership with "Les Elles de la Construction", whose mission is to promote the rights and interests of women working in the construction industry, we present 4 portraits of women engineers at AGF.

They all come from different backgrounds but they are driven by the same passion: their job.

Nadia graduated from the University of Havana in civil and structural engineering in 1994 and joined AGF Rebar in 2008 as an estimator.

Since 2019, she has been Detailing Manager for the Kitchener division. Her role is to manage resources to ensure that all shop drawings are submitted with the quality and timeliness required to meet project requirements.Reason for becoming an engineer:“

Reason for becoming an engineer:
"The desire to take a rational yet creative approach to tackling challenges. What I also find interesting in the construction field is seeing things come to fruition—from the drawing board to the final completion of each project.”

Being an engineer at AGF…
“As a structural engineer, working at AGF gives me the opportunity to apply my knowledge and suggest possible solutions for the day-to-day challenges in our operations.”

As a woman, what do you think you bring to the construction trade?​

Katherina graduated in civil engineering from the University of Karlsruhe (Germany) in 2003 and joined the AGF Group in 2009 after completing her PhD at Université Laval.

Today, she is director of special projects for the AGF Group and supports projects involving aSa, innovation, large projects and other special assignments.

Reason for becoming an engineer:
 “Ever since I was 10 or 12, I've been fascinated by structures. I used to play a lot with LEGO and had great fun building skyscrapers. My mother was an architectural technician, so I grew up in a family environment that helped develop my interest in construction. It was obvious to me that I would go on to work in civil engineering.”

Being an engineer at AGF…
“What I like about my role at AGF is that my day-to-day is full of challenges, and I have to come up with solutions to a variety of issues. I really appreciate the fact that AGF Group values engineering and is involved in schools such as Polytechnique.”

As a woman, what do you think you bring to the construction trade?
“Before I started my civil engineering studies, my mother said to me: you’re going into a male field but don't try to be a man yourself and everything will be fine. This has been my motto for 20 years and by being myself, I try to encourage a stimulating, healthy and caring work environment.”

Maryam Rezaie graduated from Azad University in Iran in 1995 and joined AGF Rebar in 2000 as an estimator. Following several career moves (technical director, then estimating director), she assumed responsibility for procurement and asset management for operations and projects in Ontario.

What drove you to become an engineer?
“I’ve always had a passion for buildings and structures. I love visualizing what a building will look like from the drawings.”

What do you feel you bring to the construction industry as a woman?
“I think women bring something extra to the construction industry: they’re more visible and therefore naturally more responsible. I have the honour of serving on industry committees and I’m committed to improving the image of women in construction.”

Priscila Jeronimo graduated from the University of Pernambuco in Brazil in 2005. She joined Acier AGF in 2011 as a project technician. Today, she is technical director with our Quebec City division.

What drove you to become an engineer?
“Unlike others, I never dreamed of becoming an engineer! But I had a great facility with numbers, which led me to make this career choice. Today, I must say I don't regret it!”

Being an engineer at AGF...
“It's having the opportunity to see engineering in action.”

What do you feel you bring to the construction industry as a woman?
“There’s no doubt that, as a woman, you bring something extra to the industry, but there’s still a long way to go.”

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