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Work on the Price building in Quebec City

On June 22, the Quebec City division of AGF Du-For completed the installation of the largest conventional framing project in its history.  The work consisted in repointing the masonry joints on the Price Building in Quebec City, which serves as the office and residence of Quebec’s Premier.

There were three main challenges in the project:
- a tight deadline, since the work is to be completed by November 2012;
- very little storage space (it took two deliveries a day since space is at a premium);
- noise and scheduling restrictions, given who occupies the building.

For this project, 700 conventional frames were required, along with 1,300 platforms and 44,000 square feet of netting to contain dust and debris.

Congratulations to the entire team who successfully completed this project.

It’s a safe bet that the dismantling operations in November will bring its own share of challenges