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Years of Service (2021)

They have been part of the AGF family for many years, let's celebrate those who have celebrated their service anniversary this first semester:

AGF Group
Serge Gendron, 40 years
Danielle-France Fortin, 20 years
Anais Mcclure-Farley, 5 years
Christian Acka, 5 years

Acier AGF (Longueuil)
Karl Mayers, 20 years
Jean-René Venne, 10 years
Sandra Daigneault-Foisy, 5 years
Mélany Desjardins, 5 years
Linda Allard, 5 years
Steve Guérin, 5 ans

Acier AGF (Quebec)
Nicolas Cadorette, 10 years
Steeven Miousse, 10 years
Keven Lefebvre, 5 years
Frédéric Plourde, 5 years

AGF Steel
Richard Gagnon, 35 years
Jason Wright, 15 years
Christopher Wyatt, 15 years
Alex Ménard, 5 years

AGF Rebar (Kitchener)
Peter Neumann, 10 years
Ketul Ruparelia, 5 years
Ruwan Atulugamage, 5 years

AGF Rebar (Markham & Scarborough)
Clinton Palmer,25 years
Eddie Caritativo, 20 years
Vithy Ponambalavanar, 20 years
Louis Villavarayen, 20 years
Georges Pakianathar,5 years
Noor Al-Hashimi, 5 years

AGF Rebar - Calgary
Ben Dagos, 10 years